Friday 8 May 2020

9H00. Official opening ceremony
Mayor, Rector.Dean ????

9H20. Introduction (presentation ISPROD, …)
Murat Erbezci. Izmir. Turquie

9H30. Neuroscience and Education.
Gonül Peker. Aegean University. Izmir, Turkey.

10H30. Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Learning Styles.
Joel Chevrier. Interdisciplinary Research Center. Paris, France.

11H30. Pause

12H00. Multisensoriality and Learning.
Celine Cappe. Brain and Cognition Research Center, CerCo, Toulouse, France

13H00. Lunch

14H30. Effects of Multisensory Integration on Bodily Self-consciousness.
Burak Erdeniz and Ege Tekgün. University of Economics. Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Psychology Department. Izmir, Turkey.

15H30. Procedural learning deficit - a common problem for neurodevelopmental disorders.
Sermin Tukel. University of Economics. Faculty of Health Sciences. Izmir, Turkey.

16H30. Pause

17H00. Different theories of Dyslexia.
Hande Kesikçi. Aegean University Medical Faculty, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic. Izmir. Turkey.

18H00. Discussion on 1st day’s subjects
Modérateur (s)?

18H45. End of the 1st day

Saturday 9 May 2020

9H00. Dyslexia from a linguistic perspective.
Burcu Ilkay Karaman. Dokuz Eylul University-Izmir, Turkey.

10H00. Ocular Proprioception and Attention.
Daniela Balslev. School of Psychology and neuroscience. University of St.Andrews. United Kingdom.

11H00. Pause

11H30. Proprioception, Posture and Dyslexia.
Patrick Quercia. INSERM Unit 1093, Cognition, Action, and Sensorimotor Plasticity University of Burgundy. Dijon, France.

12H30. Discussion on 2nd day’s subjects.
Modérateur (s)?

13H00. Closing
Murat Erbezci

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